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    Thickness Gauge

    Paper & Board

    Notwithstanding the above, a sample size shall be Full Reel Size in a length of 100/50 cm


    Available actual size / Nearest to Sample Size as specified.

    Viscosity of Adhesive

    This is critical in assessing its bonding strength.


    Another major to amount of pulp that goes into one unit area of paper. It is a useful benchmark.

    pH Value

    This is significant for adhesive as well as ink compatibility with paper and hence, useful major for convertors.

    Tear Factor

    A measure of how easy or difficult it is to tear the paper after the initial has occurred. This property has relevance to the puncture resistance of converted board.


    Substance, Grammage or basis weight is an important parameter for comparison purpose. It is an indication of the amount of pulp that goes into forming one unit area of the paper. Its importance is brought to fore when comparing the other test results. It is a useful benchmark.

    Burst Factor

    Bursting strength is the most widely used strength parameter for kraft paper. It is believed to be indicative of the resistance of paper of Bursting Forces found in transit or in storage. Burst Factor equals Bursting Strength divided by Grammage. Thus, Burst Factor or "BF" is a useful indicator of strength property regardless of substance.

    Tensile Strength and Breaking Length

    Tensile Strength is the force per unit width parallel to the plane of the sheet that is required to produce failure in a specimen of specified width and length under specified condition of loading. The strength of the paper is also expressed in terms of breaking length, i.e. a length pf paper that can be supported by one end without breaking.

    Cobb Value

    A measure of how much water the paper will absorb in given time, say, one minute. This property has relevance to adhesive pick up during converting as also extent of loss of strength due to high humidity.


    Strength properties of kraft paper are directly related to moisture levels in the paper / board. Generally, higher the moisture level, lower the strength.

    Ring Crush

    Ring Crush of kraft paper is indicative of how much edge crush and then, how much compression strength to expect from converted board. This is one of the most important areas where the data is non existent.

    Concora Medium Test (CMT)

    Evaluates the ability of corrugating medium to contribute the compression strength of corrugated box.

    Flat Crush Test

    Flat Crush Test of Corrugated Fibre Board ia a measure of the resistance of the flutes in a corrugated board to a crushing force applied perpendicular to the surface of the board.

    Puncture Resistance

    Reflects the strength of paper as well as converting efficiencies. It is more relevant in case of 5-ply and 7-ply. It correlates better with the resistance of corrugated boards ot external forces.

    Edge Crush Value

    Edge Crush Value of corrugated board gives an indication Box Compression Strength. Thus, it is an important test property of corrugated board to check during box manufacturing.

    Box Compression Strength

    This is replacing Bursting Strength as the most important test for corrugated boxes. As the stacking height increases and automated handling replaces manual method, Compression Strength becomes more relevant.

    Corrosion of Stitching Wires

    Rusted pins are not acceptable for aesthetic reasons, especially where box has multi-colour printing, and for hygienic reasons where boxes are used to pack food items. This test indicates the level of resistance to corrosion.

    Test Chart

    S.NO TESTS Members
    Testing Charges**
    Testing Charges**
    1 GSM - Paper 114.00 211.00
    2 GSM 3ply 211.00 396.00
    3 GSM 5 ply 241.00 448.00
    4 GSM 7 ply 319.00 603.00
    5 Cobb 192.00 362.00
    6 Burst Strength 103.00 185.00
    7 BF Paper 155.00 293.00
    8 BF 3ply 284.00 530.00
    9 BF 5 ply 422.00 799.00
    10 BF 7 ply 566.00 1062.00
    11 BF 9 ply 711.00 1329.00
    12 RCT 319.00 603.00
    13 ECT 319.00 603.00
    14 Moisture 241.00 448.00
    15 BCT UPTO 650 X 650 650 mm 362.00 700.00
    16 BCT Greater than 650 X 650 650 mm 592.00 1062.00
    ** Rates are inclusive of GST Taxes - [18%]

    SICBMA LAB provides the following testing facilities for corrugated boxes and papers:-

    G.S.M Paper / Board
    Bursting Strength Board / Box
    Bursting Factor Paper
    Board / Box
    Cobb Test Paper / Board
    Moisture Test Paper / Board
    Ring Crush Paper
    Edge Crush Board
    Compression Strength Test Box
    Viscosity Adhesive / Ink
    Percentage of solid content Adhesive / Ink
    Caliper Thickness Board / Box


    Burst Factor/Bursting Strength of paper/board IS 1060 100 X 100 cm
    Grammage of paper / board IS 1060 50 X 50 cm
    Grammage of 3/5/7 ply board IS 1060 50 X 50 cm
    Moisture Content/Water proofness / Cobb / IS 1060 50 X 50 cm
    Ring Crush Test -Paper (Mark MD &CD) IS 4006 50 X 50 cm
    Edge Crush Test IS 7063 50 X 50 cm
    Adhesive-Solid content/pH/Viscosity (Ford Cup No.4) 300 ml
    Box Compression test IS 7028 Minimum 3 boxes

    Terms and Conditions

    • Payment of testing charges must be made while submitting the sample for tests. SICBMA member will be given preference in services
    • Member should submit samples along with a covering letter or
    • Should fill the test form available at SICBMA office.
    • Test report can be collected at lab; soft copy will be mailed/ sent by post as per request.
    • If report has to be couriered the courier charges will apply.
    • Test report will be given within 3 working days from the date of receipt
    • Of the Samples (as per the test requirements)
    • Please visit our website www.sicbma.org for further details or write to sicbma@gmail.com

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